BioSpain 2020 à Pampelune : annulé et reporté en 2021

Ligne en pointillés colorés Publié le 01/06/2020

Salon et convention d'affaires Biotech & Pharma

Le Congrès BioSpain initialement prévu les 29, 30 septembre et 1er octobre à Pampelune est annulé et reporté aux mêmes dates et lieu en 2021.


BIOSPAIN 2021 is organized by AseBio (Spanish Bioindustry Association) and SODENA (the financial instrument of the Government of Navarra for the development of business in the region).


In its 10th edition BIOSPAIN has became one of the leading events in Europe, being the perfect setting for forging new partnerships and strengthening existing business relationships in the biotechnological industry and making Biospain the 3rd largest biotech partnering event in Europe and the largest national european event organized by a biotech association.


BIOSPAIN 2018 (Sevilla) had 3,330 one-to-one meetings, 1,750 participants, 200 exhibitors, 54 international investors and 773 companies and institutions from 31 countries.

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